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Survivalists- Understanding MREs

MREs are the perfect meal choice for survival. Unfortunately, many people do not know where to purchase meals ready to eat or what they can do with them. The following information will teach you what you need to know about MREs. You will learn what MREs are, what they are used for and how to store them to ensure a long shelf life.

MRE is an abbreviation for meals ready to eat. They can be used for a variety of purpose; however, people typically know about US military MREs. These are the rations that soldiers are given in the field because they contain everything you need for a meal. For example, these MREs come with a drink mix and a heating pouch to cook the meal. This is great for those who do not have a lot of storage area but want to have emergency rations in the event of a catastrophe or other type of emergency. They can be used almost anywhere.

MRE food itemsDepending on where you store your MREs, they can have a shelf life of approximately 3 years. Furthermore, these meals are designed to help you survive on them alone for 21 days. These meals can be supplemented with other survival foods to last even longer. If stored in ideal temperatures, they can last for about three and a half years; however, if stored at extreme hot or cold temperatures, their shelf life greatly decreases here.

There are different types of MREs offered, depending on the seller. Check out several websites to determine the best options. The foods included in each MRE will vary so it is essential that you read the product detail to determine if they are appropriate for your survivalist needs.

If your meals are getting close to their expiration date, why not have an adventure with your friends or family and share you’re MREs. This will prevent them from being wasted.

MREs are typically used for survival. Make sure that you purchase your ready to eat meals from a reputable supplier and store them properly. When it comes to these meals, you get what you pay for so make sure that the supplier sells high-quality MREs with a long shelf life. Keep them in a cool environment out of direct sunlight to prevent spoilage. Finally, make a list of your MREs and their expiration dates and consume them or give them away before they expire.

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