Not all side effects are bad, you can also have good side effects. Therefore, slim people that are dreaming to gain weight, just to fill in their skinny body, should know about a good medicine. Actually, a human body defines to have either high or low metabolism. So, for those who have a high metabolism, they are the ones who can’t gain weight no matter how much they eat. For those who have low metabolism are those who gain weight even without an intention to eat too much. So, this is the reason why skinny people look for a good supplement. In fact, slim people must discover how pregnenolone side effects weight gain naturally.

side effects weight gain

This is good for those who have a high metabolism

Most pregnenolone users find the supplement effective when they go to the gym. It helps them build a good body shape while maintaining a good balance of health. It has reported that the supplement has also a good side effect for a skinny body. In fact, many users had reported that tolerating the supplement doesn’t harm a user. Although it gains weight, you need to be aware that this would happen once you proper dosage is unfollowed. Now, for those users who had a problem of gaining weight should recognize the good side effect of pregnenolone. It is of vital importance to follow the right pattern of dosage. If you desire to gain weight, then you should ask the question how much pregnenolone should i take? Taking a higher dose than the recommendation results in a side effect which can be good for skinny and bad for a fat person.

Is overdose good or bad? 

Once we hear about overdose, we normally think that it has a bad result. But, there are certain side effects when an overdose occurs. A very rare and temporary side effect may arise. Now, if you are using the supplement extensively from the recommended dosage, you should know your count. If the supplement is good for burning fats, it had still a good and beautiful side effect for some others. Let’s just say you wanted to gain weight because you have a high metabolism.  The side effect of the supplement will be reversed when taking an improper dosage. Be aware of the possible pregnenolone side effects such as:

  1. Weight gain
  2. Abnormal menstrual cycle
  3. Increases glucose level
  4. Increases blood pressure
  5. Irritability
  6. Increases heart rate
  7. Too much sleepiness

If you think that the side effects are not good for you, then you should avoid taking the inappropriate intake of dosage. But if it helps you, then there is nothing to worry about.